Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

We are welcome to produce tailored designs, which customers can create their own specifications, weight, stones and finishing techniques. Customers can certainly be assured that the designs are strictly protected by our company whether the agreement is reached or not.

Production Process

  • 3D graphic drawing of the designs along with the approximated weight, specifications and price quotation will be provided for approval.
  • After confirmation by 30% deposit, a sample item will be sent for approval.
  • The production starts.
  • The remaining payment must be made prior to delivery.

CO-Design Service

Just provide us with the initial idea, our designers will provide full support in co-developing the designs made uniquely to your satisfaction. This service is provided free of charge.

Production Cost

  • Minimum order is 300 pieces per design with the price as quoted. The master cost will be reimbursed once reach 300 pieces accumulated within 1 year.
  • Master cost 200 USD, which covers:
    • Designer's sketch
    • Scaling
    • Computer Graphic Rendering
    • Master Wax
    • Master Casting
    • Master Mold
*Remark: Customers are responsible to assure that all designs given are not patented, copyright and imitated from others