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We strive our best to become your trustworthy business partner by providing unique, stylish and creative designs of fine jewelry, available to customers at a reasonable cost


Art Event Company Limited focuses on manufacturing high quality jewelry and accomodate innovative designs tailored to our customer‘s needs. We conduct our business with social responsibility. All our employees are well treated in accordance with safety, occupational health and good working environment.

Corporate values

We manufacture high quality jewelry to meet our customer’s needs and be a socailly responsible company.

Human Rights and Social Responsibility Policy

Art Event Co.,Ltd recognizes and values Human Rights and Social Responsibility by focusing on ethical business practices that demonstrates respect for internationally recognized human rights principles and dignity. The company therefore setup the following policies as guidelines.

  • 1. All employees must respect and comply with the rules and legislative regulations including strict compliance with both domestic and international laws.
  • 2. Providing a two-way communication channel to promote knowlege, understanding, and practices in respect for human rights. We encourage our employees and stakeholders to express their opinions and report clues for any kinds of acts against human rights violations.
  • 3. Provide an inspection process for human rights violations by investigating all materials received and report to Senior Management for further mitigation where appropriate.
  • 4. In order to strengthen a culture of mutual respect within the community, we inspire our business partners to conduct the business ethically with an emphasis on social responsibility.
  • 5. The company strongly oppose and does not support the use of child labor under the age of 15.
  • 6. The company strongly oppose and does not support the use of forced labor.
  • 7. The company respects the rights of all employees to join groups that comply with legal guidelines.
  • 8. The company strongly oppose all froms of discrimination, whether of race, class, religion, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, political views, gender or age.
  • 9. The company strongly oppose the use of physical punishment, threats and the use of violent words.
  • 10. The company will comply with the law and related requirements regarding working hours, holidays, days off and overtime working hours.
  • 11. The company will pay wages in accordance with the law and enough for basic living needs.
  • 12. The company strongly oppose unfair employment contracts.
  • 13. The company is determined to comply with all requirements, legislative laws or other relevant regulations.
  • 14. The company is fully committed to improving employee’s quality of living and operations in all area that comply with the law.
  • 15. The company will constantly communicate all updated news, regulations and all necessary information to employees and business partners.
  • 16. The company complies with the RJC standard by selecting raw material vendors that could fully declare its sources. The sources of the raw materials must not by any chance violates human rights, has political instability, any occurance of domestic violence or money laundering to support terrorism.
  • 17. The company will provide accurate information regarding the raw materials such as Gold purity, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium and Gemstones (Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires). In case of any quality improvements needed, accurate information must be provided.
  • 18. The company provides strict security system that assures full safety for all stakeholders in the company. This include the safety of our products, ensuring that natural diamonds are not secretly replaced with other imitated materials.
  • 19. The company will constantly review the appropriateness and effectiveness of the policy, regulations and performance by comparing with other legal requirements and customer’s specifications. We will keep on improving and developing these guidelines to prevent any inconsistencies that may occur.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Policies

To ensure that Art Event Company limited complys with the Anti-money laundersing (AML) and the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) criteria, we strictly supervise our employees to comply with the AML/CFT policies using the following regulations:

  • 1. The company requires all business partners to clearly identify their identities and state their business objectives.
  • 2. The company has a policy in managing the risk of those engaged in the business regarding money laundering activities.
  • 3. The company has an audit system for those engaged in the business regarding any false statements.
  • 4. The company has a document retention system.

The company has set policies to prevent money laundering and countering terrorism and proliferation of weapons for mass destruction in order to

  • 1. Allow the company’s operation to comply with the law, bereaucractic rules for money laundering and anti-terrorism including business ethics and good coporate governance.
  • 2. Prevent the company from being used as money laundering or terrorism channel.
  • 3. As guidelines for employees to follow in their work operations.

Personal data protection policy

With the advancement and development of information technology and communication system could possibly led to an easy access or disclose of personal information which may cause damages and invades privacy. With this in mind, Art Event is aware of the importance of privacy data, which is a fundamental right to privacy (Privacy Right) that must be protected under the Privacy Protection Act B.E. 2562 (A.D. 2019).

The company therefore announced this policy in order to be used as a basis for the protection of personal infromation for the company’s stakeholders as follows:

  • 1. The collection, use or disclosure of persal information must comply with the following:
  • 1.1 The personal information related the collection, use or disclosure of personal data of all stakeholders must be fair and lawful.
  • 1.2 The personal information related the collection, use or disclosure of personal data of all stakeholders must meet a specific purpose.
  • 1.3 The personal information related the collection, use or disclosure of personal data of all stakeholders must be safe, accurate, updated, appropriate and neccessary.
  • 1.4 The personal information related the collection, use or disclosure of personal data of all stakeholders must be kept for a neccessary period of time for the benefit of its owner.
  • 1.5 The personal information related the collection, use or disclosure of personal data of all stakeholders must be safely secured and not to be misused against the owner’s right.
  • 2. Personal information usage or disclosure The personal information usage or disclosure will be implement with objectives which must be obtained from the owner’s consent in advance except for the following cases:
  • 2.1 For the benefit of the public or with regards to studies or research which provides appropriate safeguards to protect the rights and freedom of the personal data owners.
  • 2.2 To prevent life or health damages that may occur to the personal data owners.
  • 2.3 For the cotract purpose in which the personal data owner is a cotract party or processing the request for the data’s owner before agreeing upon the contract.
  • 2.4 To perform duties in carrying out the mission for the public’s benefit of personal data controllers or perform the duties of exercising the state authority given to personal data controllers.
  • 2.5 For the legitimate benefit of the personal data contoller in which such benefits may arise from litigation, filing of claims for damages and etc.
  • 2.6 For the personal data controllers to comply with the law.
  • 3. Security purposes To protect the confidentiality and the safety of personal information, the company has implement the following measures:
  • 3.1 Define the access rights, use, disclose and processes of personal data including verifying individual identities. The accesses or users of personal information must strictly follow the company’s policy guidelines.
  • 3.2 In the case where the company is obliged to perform obligations to the personal data whether by forwarding or disclosing personal information to third parties. The company must comply with the data security practices or follow the guidelines under applicable law. However, such access must be restricted to obtaining the information needed only. The access restrictions include:
  • ● Banks or Agencies that are responsible for payrolls.
  • ● Agencies related to employment, social security, compensation fund and provident fund.
  • ● Related government agencies such as Subpoena orders, Revenue Department and Customs Department.
  • ● Insurer.
  • ● The company’s Human Resources department, Information Technology unit, Sales and Marketing.
  • ● Consultant service providers related to Human Resources Management systems, Financial Accounting systems, and Information Technology systems that the company hired, agreed or assign access to that personal information. In the case where a person is entitled to process the mentioned above, the company will strictly comply with the law by ensuring that such personal information is beneficial to business development or the work of the data’s owner only.
  • 3.3 If there is a case that is necessary to collect, use or disclose personal information outside the Kingdom, the company must apply the same regulations as agreed within the Kingdom. In that, the company will strictly protect the personal information sufficiently, regardless of whether or not that country has laws or privacy requirements.
  • 3.4 The company will maintain the security standards of personal information physically, including all appropriate techniques and organizations by checking the system to prevent external attacks, protecting the information of identity theft, loss, accidental loss, amendment unauthorized access, disclosure, copying and preventing any unlawful acts in accordance with the law currently in effect.
  • 3.5 In the case where there’s a violation of measures, causing the personal information leakage to the public, the company will immediately notify the owner as well as notifying the public for remedies. If it happens to be the company’s defecient where damage arises out of usage or disclosure of personal information to third parties such as neglecting to log out of the database or online social communication system by the actions of the data’s owner or other pesons with the data’s owner consent, the company will not be held responsible for this matter.
  • 4. Personal data collected must be accurate, updated, complete and not misleading.
  • 5. Personal Responsibility The company required all employees and departments related to personal information to be well aware and hold responsible for the collection, disclosure of personal information in strict accordance to the privacy policy. The company has appointed the Data Controller, Data Protection Processor and Officer to be responsible in assuring that the policy is effective.
  • 6. Data owner’s rights The data’s owner has the right to request for access to their personal information in which they could delete, destroy, and temporarily suspend the use as well as updating the information in accordance with the law regarding personal data. Unless these acts are contradicting with legal provisions, has impact on national security, affecting the country’s economy and commerce and affecting the investigation of the officers or the trial and adjudication of the court or affecting the rights and freedom of others.
  • 7. Penalties Those who are responsible for the operation of any matters according to their duties, if found to ignore the order or not performing the duties will be considered as violating the policy and procedures of protecting personal information. That person will be subjected to disciplinary action according to the company’s regulations in which the company will not compromise any offense that this person has done and must be punished by law for the offense that occurred. If such offense has caused any damages to the company and/or any other persons, the company may consider further legal procedures.

Art Event is fully committed to ensure that any raw materials used within our manufacturing process are from legitimate sources and do not directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups that are perpetrators of human rights abuses and child labor.

We encourage our counterparties supplying jewelry components to obtain a relevant certification to demonstrate the conflict-free nature of their products, or to provide us with evidence for specific shipments to be conflict-free.

We are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted in all respects according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.